Teaching and Learning in Genesis

Teaching in Genesis

Is there anything to say about God’s teaching in Genesis 2? He gives a command to Adam and Eve, and explains the punishment/consequences of disobeying that command. He then spells out the results in chapter 3.

Genesis as Teacher

[The Bible as Teacher]

The first thing to note about Genesis – and the Bible as a whole – as a teacher is that it launches straight into a narrative that holds a whole lot of assumptions; most notably, the assumption of the eternal and all-powerful creator God. There are no arguments for God, nor explanations. He just is. In light of modern philosophy, there is a distinct lack of foundationalism.

I expect that there is a lot that could be said about narrative as a teaching style, and I will have to look into it. However, I expect that this kind of approach will conflict with at least some educational philosophies and harmonise with others.


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