The Bible as Teacher

One of the two main categories of a theology of learning is how the Bible itself teaches us. The other main category is a description and analysis of how teaching is done in the Bible.

The category of the Bible as a Teacher is difficult to describe. It is a question of reverse-engineering the text of the Bible to gain some understanding of what the human authors and the Holy Spirit were intending to achieve with the words that they wrote, and how this compares to various educational methodologies and philosophies. The intention is not to pigeon-hole the Bible as a whole as a specific philosophy, but to see where certain philosophies and methodologies resonate with what God has done in the greatest work of education. In short, this is a technique of critiquing educational philosophies using the Bible, not the other way around.

This process will start with bare observation. As I gain in my understanding of educational philosophies and as I continue through the Bible, the analysis will become more sophisticated.



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