Isaiah – The fulfilment of God’s providence

Along with being the strongest statement of God’s control of the surrounding nations, Isaiah is also the strongest statement so far in Israel’s history of God’s future plans for those nations.

Chapter 11 foresees a future king from David’s line and “No one will harm or destroy on My entire holy mountain” (Isa 11:9). In chapter 14, we see that the nations will be at peace with Israel on that day. Chapters 2, 56 and 66 (spanning proto- and trito-Isaiah) show us that the nations who once were Israel’s great enemies are going to come to Israel in droves to learn about God (Also Micah 4).

18 Violence will never again be heard of in your land; devastation and destruction will be gone from your borders. But you will name your walls salvation, and your gates praise. (Isa 60:18)

12 For this is what the LORD says: I will make peace flow to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flood; you will nurse and be carried on her hip, and bounced on her lap. 13 As a mother comforts her son, so I will comfort you, and you will be comforted in Jerusalem. (Isa 66:12-13)

At the same time, Israel is to be restored to being God’s holy nation once again.

Why is this? Where does this peace come from?

16 For the LORD will execute judgment on all flesh with His fiery sword, and many will be slain by the LORD. (Isa 60:16)

In the future, God will end war through his Messiah who comes from the line of David. Until then, he is in control of the nations around Israel. When they are too evil for him to accept, he will discipline and even destroy them by bringing other nations to attack. When they attack God’s people without God’s permission, he will defend them with miraculous victories.


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