A note on Chronicles

The books of Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings are generally called the “Deuteronomic History”. This is a recognition that, although the books are different tin style and tone from each other, they are all heavily influenced by the theology and language of Deuteronomy. Many evangelical scholars believe that the books were intentionally redacted to work together as a whole (but most do not believe that they were all written at the same time). The books of 1 & 2 Chronicles are a separate unified work that covers a similar time frame, but focussing on only the Davidic line (ie Judah, after the kingdoms split) and only really starting at Saul. It also continues on a little later past the end of 2 Kings and into the beginning of the return from Exile (preparing for the events of Ezra and Nehemiah, which Chronicles is linked with). Starting from the establishment of the Monarchy, there are many overlaps of the Deuteronomic History and Chronicles, and all the battle descriptions line up with each other. There are a few battles that only appear in one source, but there is nothing in those battles that contradicts the patterns that we see through Israel’s history. As such, although there are differences in theological emphasis between the Deuteronomic History and Chronicles, it is fairly safe to conclude that they have similar theologies of war, so I am considering them together. I will predominantly reference the Deuteronomic History, and consider Chronicles where it supplies information not in the DtrH.


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