Yes, I know…

It was pointed out to me last night by my good friends that I have been moving slowly through the OT, and have not really said very much new (thanks guys).

Many biblical theologies that I have read (including, dare I say it Oliver O’Donovan’s) run the risk of pounding through the OT too quickly, and skipping large sections of Israel’s history, in their quest to demonstrate their themes. If I’m going to err, I want it to be in the other direction. I’m aware that the vast majority of evangelicals disagree with me, and so I need to put forward the strongest case possible. Sadly, that involves slowly moving through the OT narrative and pointing out how the same couple of themes keep appearing, and not really saying anything new. I know it’s boring to read, but think how I feel đŸ™‚


One thought on “Yes, I know…

  1. I would say, don’t rush. Do strong groundwork through the whole OT. This is key in making sure your whole biblical theology is well grounded, and in working out how the NT connects to the OT.

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