Michael Jackson

(This is an entry I just put on my youth group’s blog)

This morning, the press reported two deaths – one was a truck driver, and the other was a singer. The truck driver got a two line mention as part of a report on a shooting last night. The singer has dominated the news for the entire morning.

What’s the difference? Why is Michael Jackson more important that anybody else? True, he was a great singer and an amazing dancer. One of his albums has sold more copies than any other album ever. But does that make him a better person? Why are millions of complete strangers devestated about Jackson’s death, and unconcerned about the truckie? What makes a person important?

Jesus says that only one thing makes us important – that God made us and loves us. No-one is more important than anyone else.

Michael Jackson’s death also makes us realise that anybody could die. No matter how much money, or surgery or fame you have, your heart can give out at any time. Death is real, and it is terrible.

Jesus also said that death is wrong. Even when he knew that he was going to raise his friend Lazarus from the dead, Jesus was sad that he had died (John 11:33-36). But Jesus gave the solution to death as well. Because he died, and rose again to life, he defeated death, and gives us the way to defeat death too.

Michael Jackson’s death makes us ask ourselves two questions: “what makes a person important”, and “can anyone defeat death”? Jesus gives the answer to both questions.


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