John Howard Yoder – an initial foray.

John Howard Yoda?

John Howard Yoda?

I’ve got an essay in which I have to evaluate the “theological ethics” of John Howard Yoder, so I started reading his most famous book The Politics of Jesus. I planned to read through the whole book quickly, then go back and read it carefully chapter by chapter, and make notes. However, as I quickly skipped through the book, one glaring question rang out for me: What is Yoder’s Theology?

Of course, being the good Sydney Anglican that I am (those who know me well will need a minute to stop laughing), I instantly asked “What is Yoder’s Gospel?”. What, according to Yoder, is the problem that humanity faces? What did Jesus do to fix that problem? Now my essay was to evaluate Yoder’s Theological Ethics, so I figures that I needed to understand his foundations before continuing on any further. So I scanned the chapter titles, and found one at the end called “Justification by Grace through Faith”. So I read it. And I read it again. And I read the last paragraph, and then read the rest of the chapter again. And I still don’t quite get it.

So I think I have to do this backwards. Start at chapter 12 and come to grips with Yoder’s Gospel first.

(If you do not live in Australia, then the picture isn’t funny. Don’t even try to get it.)


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