What am I passionate about?

God. Jesus. The Bible.

But I guess I have to be more specific.

One of my old obsessions, which is starting to raise its head again, is hermeneutics. I continue to stand mystified by my hermeneutical betters in this diocese who will not allow a woman to preach but do not call for head coverings (or at least long hair). I cannot grasp the hermeneutic subtelty that calls for different interpretations of the texts involved.

I’m also really starting to love ethics. Part of this might be bacause I have a touch of idol-worship for AJC, who seriously impacted me as my minister when I was a lad (I chose Moore over SMBC partly because he taught here). Part of this might be because I’ve started reading John Howard Yoder and I love his name so much. Part of this might be because I think I agree with Yoder, but still really hate his exegetical method (or maybe it’s his hermeneutics…). None of it has to do with Oliver O’Donervan, but that’s only because I haven’t read him.

I continue to be ambivalent about Doctrine, but that might change soon.

Hermeneutics and Ethics. What do they have in common?


One thought on “What am I passionate about?

  1. Hey Mike,

    Nice comment. My guess is that the ‘hermenutic subtlelty’ for the women preaching issue is ‘the principle of the head-coverings passage is that men and women should be distinguished’ whereas 1 Tim 2 seems to be a principle itself rather than just containing one. The problem i think you’re pointing to is that it is highly perplexing and dangerous to choose to find ‘principles’ in some passages but not in others and no way of really knowing when to do one or the other.

    (hope i haven’t misrepresented a side of the debate…)

    Nick (needs to stop procrastinating from study)

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