…Nor am I an Old-Testament historian :-)

I have speant the past three weeks reading Ackroyd – an Old Testament scholar who subscribes completely to Documentary Hypotheses and Source Criticism. He basically dates 90% of the OT in the Exile period after 587 BC (A loooooooong time after the events that Genesis-Kings are describing). Basically, for most of the time that I was reading him, I wanted to shout at him. Of course, he’s dead, so it would have been less effective than otherwise expected.

I’m also sitting through George Athas’ lectures on Daniel, where he lays out a possibility that Daniel never really existed, and it’s all a satire of the 2nd century anyway. Now, I actually think George is mostly right (although I’m still sold on Daniel actually existing), but I think it highlights just how foreign I find a lot of the thinking behind high-level OT scholarship.

But I think I have an answer! 

I am…

(To be continued)


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