I am not a Theologian

I came to a couple of realisations yesterday:

1) The two essays that I have put the most work into in my entire life have been the two essays that I have done the worst in – Doctrine year 2 and Doctrine year 3. When the mark you get in a subject’s essays is consistently two grades below your average, you know you suck at it.

2) Talking to a member of our Doctrine staff about Masters and Doctorates, he described them as “50,000 word book reviews” of a previous theologian. Ironic, considering my previous post. 

I guess I’m having difficulties with the whole concept of scholarly theology. Of course, that means that I have nothing to blog on any more.


7 thoughts on “I am not a Theologian

  1. All degree study is a game – there’s a set of rules, and you play to win (or at least finish). Usually the rules assist in learning stuff, which makes them good rules. Being a game doesn’t mean that it’s not serious, important and valuable.

    Usually, I’m good at figuring out the rules and playing well. I just seem to have completely missed them in this case. Doesn’t mean that they are bad rules, just that I’m not good at playing by them. A good soccer player knows when to walk off the cricket pitch.

    I’ll take you up on your offer, though. I’ll email you.

  2. Andrew, I don’t think that I agree with you. My problem is that I don’t know what a good theologian is supposed to look like (although I’ve seen some photos and I refuse to wear a vest). I have a strong suspicion that the theologians at college are world-class, but I don’t know what it is that makes them that way as opposed to me.

  3. Mike, if you submitted your essay online, I can access it immediately (if you let me know your student number).

    The ‘game’ comment in the way it was used sounds like an indictment of the integrity of the process.

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