Nothing to do with Theology

The Federal Government is building a fibre to the home network

They’re going to create a Government-owned corporation that will own the entire network. I have an idea – let’s call it Telstra! Maybe the next Liberal government can sell it off again…

Seriously, the news outlets are not getting how massive this is. In 8 years time, there will be no copper connecting any household to the internet. Telstra will be just another mobile phone company. VOIP will kill the land line. And the money the Government is spending came from THE SALE OF TELSTRA! 

I’m loving it.


One thought on “Nothing to do with Theology

  1. OK Sounds good, but a couple of weeks ago, just a few kilometres from here a digger cut through a cable. Our internet was out, and so was our mobile service – no redundancy in the system! Landline still worked, so I guess I could have used dial up – but I still couldn’t use mobile, nor could many others because the system depends on a number of trunks – one out, all out. The old twisted pair did alright that day (except for the ISP and phone company who couldn’t detect any outage!).

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