Third Thesis on Theological Method

Peter Jensen, in The Revelation of God, arguesthat our understanding of scripture comes from our prior faith in the Gospel as proclaimed to us at our conversion. John Webster, in Holy Scripture, makes a very similar point. Thus, in one way, doctrine is prior to scripture. However, from our conversion on, as individual new Christians, we are tabula rasa (a blank slate) for all other doctrine – including our doctrine of scripture. Thus scripture is prior to all doctrine other than the Gospel.


3 thoughts on “Third Thesis on Theological Method

  1. Actually I think this rightly contradicts your first thesis. I would say Gospel is prior to Scripture which is prior to doctrine, of which the Gospel is one. So, yes, it is circular. But this does mean that we do not arrive at the Bible as a blank slate, but with the Gospel as our hermenutical key.

    • Well spotted, Pete. (Happy birthday for last Thursday)
      My thought’s evolving. Even over the course of a single day!
      You’re right, the Gospel is the primary entrance into our exegetical method, and our key doctrinal grid. My theses are going to go in that direction next.
      Actually, pretty much now.

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