Sixth Thesis on Theological Method

Human logic is problematic for theology for two reasons:

1) God exists outside of time and space and all forms of rules. Thus there is lttle reason to believe that all (or any) of the “rules” of logic must apply to him.

2) Human thought, in all forms, is tained by sin, and thus has a propensity to come up with conclusions that are contradictory to God’s truth.


2 thoughts on “Sixth Thesis on Theological Method

  1. Could it not be argued that consistency is a rule of logic that must apply to God? Or is that a rule that we derive from the Scriptures and just happens to also be a rule of logic?

    • You can say that God is consistent in himself, to himself. But that’s not the same as saying that he is logically consistent. One of the basic rules of logic is Aristotle’s Excluded Middle, which stops something from being, for example, both one and three. Attempts to apply this pre-Christian Greek rule to God is what got us into such a mess in the Christological debates.

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