Welcome to Constantly Reforming. This site is primarily a demonstration of a new(ish) method of theological writing (for an explanation of my rationale and methodology, click here). I will be examining a number of theological topics in interconnected categories. For every major topic that I attempt to engage with, I will attempt to show the full biblical-theological working out, along with exegesis of significant passages, which leads me to my conclusions. The structure will shift some-what as I experiment with the right way of presenting theology as a series of links and categories, rather than a book. Every page has forums. If you think I got something wrong, please let me know. As I expand each argument, you will be able to drill down into books and passages and pinpoint exactly where you disagree. Or possibly see that I might have a point. It’s possible.

All parts of this site are works in progress. That’s the point of this style of theological writing. Some parts will be better developed than others. Most don’t exist yet.

There are three major topic groups that I am currently considering, reflecting my main areas of research and interest:

(1) How ethics and ethical decisions are presented (as I start writing an ethics course for my college)

(2) The topic of Christians and war, which is a gateway into some major theological topics (this is an expansion on my honours thesis)

  • The sovereignty and providence of God
  • Correct response to God’s sovereignty
  • Prayer
  • The role and task of the people of God
  • God’s judgement and justice
  • Our role in God’s judgment
  • The command to love others, including the definition of love

(3) Education and learning, including a theological engagement with educational philosophies, especially constructivism (this reflects my current post-graduate study)

  • Theological anthropology
  • How learning is presented in the Bible
  • Constructivism, and a theological engagement

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Priscilla and my son and I have written a book and we included a link to your page concerning every battle in our book.

    We are writing to ask for permission to use this in our book.

    Your prompt response would greatly be appreciated.

    Priscilla & Marcus

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